For marketing campaigns to work to their fullest potential, you need a specific goal. Whether it’s gaining more email newsletter sign-ups, receiving more contact form submissions for a specific service you provide, or promoting an upcoming holiday sale, a specific goal will give more measurable parameters to gauge whether you are getting real results.

To that end, having a specific landing page that is designed to accomplish your goal gives you greater creative control than simply choosing an already existing page on your website to send your site’s visitors to, hoping that they’ll get the hint that you want them to do a specific action.

Using the example from above for promoting a holiday sale, you can create a landing page that matches your company’s branding while also incorporating elements of the holiday in the design of that page. Then, a short list of the services or product categories that will be on sale in dynamic graphic design can create excitement for savings that customers can expect during the upcoming holiday. Also, it can be good to add a printable coupon if you want to see more in-store visits.

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